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Each gift set is composed with much thought and wrapped beautifully into a present.

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    • MÜHLE LITE Shaving Set with Gillette® Mach3® 3-Blade Razor, Resin Black


      MÜHLE Lite Shaving Set is a simple yet highly practical match of a 3-blade razor compatible with Gillette® Mach3® and an Aloe Vera shaving soap stick to complete an effective shave set routine.

    • D.R. HARRIS Fragrance Set with Sandalwood Cologne Spray (50ml) and Stick Deodorant (75g)


      Our Sandalwood fragrance set, comprises of a Cologne Spray and an Alcohol-free Stick Deodorant, exudes a very masculine and distinctive fragrance.

    • MÜHLE BEGINNER Shaving Set with Safety Razor, Pure Badger Shaving Brush and Aloe Vera Travel Shaving Soap


      MÜHLE Safety Razor Shaving Set is perfect for gentlemen who would like to explore safety razor for the first time. The COMPANION unisex safety razor can be used for the body, head and face. A badger brush and an Aloe Vera shaving soap stick are carefully selected to complete the beginner shave set.

    • MÜHLE VIVO Shaving Set with Gillette® Fusion™ 5- Blade Razor and Pure Badger Shaving Brush, Resin Brown


      Shaving set of MÜHLE, pure badger, with Gillette® Fusion™ razor, handle material made of high-grade resin horn brown. An Aloe Vera shaving soap is added into this set to complete the entire wet shaving ritual.

    • MÜHLE PRO Shaving Set with Safety Razor and Silvertip Fibre® Shaving Brush, Metal Chrome


      Shaving Connoisseur would easily fall in love with shaving set of MÜHLE TRADITIONAL Chrome with silvertip fibre brush, safety razor & sandalwood soap in porcelain bowl.

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