Safety Razor Beginner Shaving Set

Safety Razor Beginner Shaving Set

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MÜHLE Safety Razor Shaving Set is perfect for gentlemen who would like to explore safety razor for the first time. The COMPANION unisex safety razor can be used for the body, head and face. A badger brush and an Aloe Vera shaving soap stick are carefully selected to complete the beginner shave set.

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3-part shaving set consists of:

  • Safety Razor, compatible with Classic Razor Blades
  • Shaving Brush with Pure Badger
  • Shaving Soap Stick

MÜHLE COMPANION unisex safety razor for the body, head and face, matt silver, blue cord

The COMPANION: the first unisex double-edged razor, a perfect introduction to DE shaving for the eco-conscious.


As the first unisex, DE razor the COMPANION features a considered design that responds to the needs of this audience, namely it is:

  • Gentle with increased protection to avoid scratches and nicks
  • Easy to use and ideal for beginners
  • Designed with diversity in mind, suitable for use on the body and face
  • Customisable and personal



When designing the razor, we particularly focused on protective features, allowing for more protection in avoiding scratches or nicks than other DE razors.

The COMPANION features rails on both sides of the top plate enabling the user to find an ideal angle for shaving . If the angle of the razor handle to the skin is smaller than 30° or larger than 50° the rails on the razor head work to create more distance between the blade and the skin, thus reducing the risk of nicks or scratches while shaving. Blade exposure is also kept at a minimum level to allow for a smooth yet gentle shave.

Furthermore, the head features protective flaps over the blunt sides of the blade to avoid unintentionally scratching or nicking of the skin when shaving the body.

Easy to use

With a shave that feels incredibly gentle, the customer can easily build up confidence with DE shaving making it ideal for beginners.


Designed with diversity in mind

With a longer handle, The COMPANION is ideal for shaving legs, head, neck, and shoulders. The fingerprint design provides a good grip and contributes to the ‘companion concept’: something that is individual, personal, and intimate – a good friend.


The cord hook for hanging the razor can be replaced and is available in an array of colours. Users can also attach individual cords of any length.

We recommend our stainless steel MÜHLE razor blades which are the perfect match for our safety razors.

Product Details

Handle Length: 105mm
Total Length: 112mm
Handle diameter: 11.2mm
Weight: 90g

Head: Zinc Alloy with matte chrome plating.
Handle: Stainless steel with matte chrome plating
Packaging: Cardboard, no plastic.

RYTMO – Shaving brush from MÜHLE, pure badger, handle material high-grade resin black

RYTMO Shaving Brush Pure Badger

  • Ring size M: 21 mm
  • Handle is made of high-grade resin with chrome-plated metal highlights
The Material – High-grade resin

High-grade resin is a high-quality synthetic material, the surface of which is processed and refined separately. The material is ideal for exclusive accessories and writing implements because it facilitates a broad spectrum of modern and classical designs in many attractive colours.

To begin with, the aesthetic basic shapes for brush and razor handles are turned out of solid rods. Then each individual work piece is polished in several phases to give the surface its special lasting gleam. This processing method gives this special material a pleasant feel and sustain their beauty for many years to come.

Chrome, the final touch added to the masterpiece, demonstrates its best qualities: The material is corrosion-resistant, very long-lasting and has a luxurious, alluring lustre. When contrasted with this, the shapes and colours of other premium materials are shown to their very best advantage.

The Brushhead – Pure badger

Pure badger is the basic quality among the natural badger hair types. The material is recognizable by its relatively dark hair tone. The individual hairs are thicker providing a strong backbone, but still soft and much more flexible than bristles.

Therefore, this quality is highly recommended for those who prefer to take a badger hair brush that provides a slightly stronger massage effect. We manufacture this product mechanically according to the same high standards which we apply to all MÜHLE products.


Travel Shaving Soap Aloe Vera – gentle and caring

Travel shaving soaps, Aloe Vera, from MÜHLE prepare the skin and beard optimally for a close wet gentle shave.

Especially recommended for sensitive skin, but of course for all skin types, too. The basic substance is extracted from the pulp of aloe vera grown in the Mediterranean area. Its very particular ingredients with strong moisturizing, soothing and preserve the skin during shaving. Aloe vera has been known since ancient times for its caregivers properties. It provides a refreshing and soothing power.

MÜHLE soaps from Sandalwood, Aloe Vera, Sea Buckthorn series are free of preservatives.


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